The world's first low cost modular biogas system!

BioBrella benefits at a glance

  • Modular concept; applicable to most sites with existing anaerobic lagoons
  • Huge reduction of engineering time/cost by (re-)use of existing lagoons
  • Scalable by the number of identical units installed. The entire BioBrella Facility can be expanded as needed
  • Entire plant shipped as prefabricated containerized package units, which are thoroughly tested before shipment to the site. 
  • Quick installation (huge time reduction in comparison with existing lagoon and in-tank technologies)
  • Very fast commissioning. No or little biological seeding requirement. Minimal disruption to on-going operations
  • Modular system increases the flexibility and reliability of the total BioBrella system by an order of magnitude
  • Very low parasitic load
  • Individual BioBrella units are extremely strong and safe. No electrical connections exist between ex-rated areas and the central control system
  • BioBrella units do not need to cover the entire area of the lagoon as biogas production is specifically directed under the dome cover area
  • BioBrella plants operate automatically but can be accessed by remote control and data monitoring. Extensive diagnostic and operation reports can be sent to operators periodically or on request.
  • Suitable for tapioca waste, Palm Oil Mill effluent, selected ethanol production plants, food, dairy, meat processing waste and many other waste streams
  • Optional other applications: disaster relief sanitation, small communities and factories