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Successful assembly and launch of full scale Central Shaft

We have succeeded to manufacture a full scale pilot Central Shaft Assembly, containing all wastewater mixing, dilution, conditioning and injection equipment. The shaft is made of UV-resistant, highly durable...   More


Production of first full-scale prototype started

The production of the hub of the BioBrella, the Central Shaft including process conditioning equipment has started. The first tests are planned for May and June and will be done in a local lagoon in the east...   More


BioBrella BV incorporated

BioBrella BV has been set up and was registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. BioBrella BV will hold the patent rights, will undertake trading of the BioBrella technology and will act as a vehicle for...   More


BioBrella wins Government Grant

BioBrella recdeived a development grant from Dutch Government organization RVO with high acclaim for its originality and marketability. BioBrella ended third out of 134 awarded grant applications   More


First test series of BioBrella core technology successfully completed

A pilot series of test runs on BioBrella core technology was successfully completed in a swimming pool in the east of the Netherlands. The technology forms the basis for one of the patent applications   More

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