The world's first low cost modular biogas system!

BioBrella is a modular biogas installation that can be configured to cover most existing open lagoons

A BioBrella system consists of identical dome-shaped cover units that can be inter-connected to constitute a cover of any size and shape. The wastewater is mixed, diluted and subjected to pH conditioning before injection into the sludge layer that resides at the bottom of the Pond. As such, the BioBrella not only captures the produced biogas but also provides for ideal pre-conditioning of the wastewater and distribution within the pond. The produced biogas disperses within the surface area of the dome and is captured in full. The domes are made of very strong and durable plastic foil. The BioBrella units also include wastewater conditioning equipment for mixing, dilution, distribution and pH control of the wastewater that is fed to the plant. The benefits of this unique, patent pending technology include dramatic cost reduction compared with conventional biogas technology, quick installation with minimal disruption of on-going mill operations and very low design input requirements. 

The BioBrella units and the central control system are delivered as containerized package plants to the site. The containerized units undergo rigorous QA testing before shipment. Pre-tested package units contribute to a quick assembly and installation on site with minimal time needed for commissioning.