The world's first low cost modular biogas system!


BioBrella is revolutionary new technology for capturing biogas from open industrial wastewater lagoons and for intensifying the digestion processes. The technology is modular and pre-fabricated. The benefits include dramatic cost reduction in comparison with newly constructed biogas systems and short installation time with minimal disruption of on-going factory operation.

In open industrial wastewater lagoons, for instance in the tapioca and palm oil industry organic matter is digested by natural processes. The digestion processes produce biogas which escapes to open air. In SE Asia alone this accounts for an estimated 100 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions per year. The energy potential of the biogas is not utilized. An average palm oil mill can generate 2-3 MW of electricity for industrial use or rural electrification. A tapioca mill can operate on the energy produced by its own waste, ranging between 2 and 5 MW, plus process heat for the drying of starch.

BioBrella offers very cost-effective solutions to capture the biogas potential from existing open lagoons, without the need for the construction of expensive and complicated biogas plants. The wastewater is conditioned and injected under square-shaped BioBrella domes which capture the produced biogas.

BioBrella is currently under development and will be market-ready in 2018. Please follow our news updates on  our piloting program and other developments