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Successful assembly and launch of full scale Central Shaft

We have succeeded to manufacture a full scale pilot Central Shaft Assembly, containing all wastewater mixing, dilution, conditioning and injection equipment. The shaft is made of UV-resistant, highly durable polyethylene. The unit is light-weight and designed to be transported and launched without the use of heavy machinery. This is done on purpose as many industrial sites with open ponds are surrounded by swampy areas with soft embankment. The Central Shaft was transported by trailer in two parts, assembled by hand and lifted on purpose-designed trolleys for local transport and launch into a pond. The operation was entirely successful. This step Ph1B-1 will be followed up within the next two months with in-pond installation, fixing and testing of wastewater conditioning and pumping functions. Next will be assembly, launch and testing of 10x10 Brella Cover with Central Shaft inserted. All operational functions are operated by compressed air, no electrical connections exist within the Atex zone, making the entire installation intrinsically safe.

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